Greenhouses Repair Tape


10cm x10m blue10cm x10m clear15cm x10m blue15cm x10m clear20cm x10m blue20cm x10m clear30cm x10m clear7cm x10m blue7cm x10m clear
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  • Item Type: Repair Tape
  • Material: PE
  • Color:Clear/Blue
  • Size: Refer to picture above


  • Features:
  1. Waterproof, anti-oxidation, strong adhesion.
  2. Durable and anti-aging.
  3. Repair Tape is employed as an extended-lasting repair to broken polytunnel polyethylene cover.
  4. UV-Resistant and moisture barrier
  5. Suitable for outdoor shed repair, 3-layer EVA greenhouse film, PVC plastic, PP bags, LDPE and so on.


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