Modular Type Vertical Hanging Wall Pot

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  • Item Type:  Nursery Pot
  • Material: Plastic
  • Finishing: Epoxy Coated
  • Outer basin size: 24*14.5*14cm
  • Planting cup size: outer diameter 9.5cm,inner diameter 7.6cm,depth 9cm
  • Color: Green
  • Quantity: 1* flower pot,1* planting cup, 2* connecting piece,2* absorbent cotton rope


  • Features:
  1. Water is absorbed through the cotton rope and slowly penetrates into the soil matrix.
  2. When changing plants, the planting cup can be taken out directly without disassembling the upper and lower pots.
  3. For every 4 flower pots, just use the top and bottom four screws. The middle pots can be connected in series the connecting.
  4. Ideal for planting in the home or garden.
  5. Can be hung indoors and outdoors, anti-radiation, purify the air, add green to live.


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