Garden Starter Greenhouse


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  • Item Type: Greenhouse
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Material: Stainless steel
  • Sail Finishing: PU Coated
  • Color: As shown
  • Size: Refer to Picture above( Please press Size and Type)


  • Features:
  1. The surface includes a co-extruded layer of anti-ultraviolet rays to forestall yellowing of the organic compound caused by ultraviolet rays of daylight. The surface coextruded layer contains a bond that absorbs ultraviolet illumination and is regenerate into the light. The dimensions of the sunshade cover feature a smart stabilizing impact on plant photosynthesis.
  2. PE is that the best impact resistance of thermoplastics, even at high temperatures, its geologic process continues to be tiny, and therefore the stress relaxation is little. daylight canopies fabricated from pe have wonderful impact resistance and might be maintained over a good temperature range (-40 ° C ~ +120 ° C) for an extended time.
  3. PE daylight waterproofed shed is one in all the synthetic resins with tiny linear enlargement constant. The linear growth coefficients of the materials completely different in several directions. With an average of zero.065 mm/m. °C. The thermal conduction of pe sun panel cover is incredibly totally different from that of general synthetic resin. it’s 1/4 of glass, 1/300 of iron, 1/1000 of aluminum and 1/12000 of copper. It’s a fabric with smart heat preservation.


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